• hi mamas,

    after a long research, i suppose we may have found out the thermometer we need. we bought a braun forehead thermometer that we are using for a month now, and so far so good.

    being a mother or father of a baby, you basically have got two options, you will get an ear baby thermometer or a forehead baby thermometer. we chose the latter as it is more hygienic, no probe covers needed. also didn't want to search for probe covers while the little one is having a fever.

    i also found this scientific article on non-contact infrared thermometers. you can check here.
    "our results with bland and altman analysis demonstrate that ncit is a very promising tool, especially in preterm newborns nursed in incubators"

    ours is braun bfh-125 forehead thermometer and after a month of use, i am really happy with this product. it is so simple and easy to use. when you have a baby, you are supposed to have a thermometer to work fast because when they don't feel good, they don't want to sit still to get a temperature reading. this one literally takes 3 seconds to take a temperature! i took my temperature and it was accurate. then i took my baby boy's temperature and it was accurate as well. it works great on the entire family. on repeat uses, the readings remained the same.

    yeap, much much easier to take out baby's temperature with this. so you could get one! no more "hold this under your tongue" issues with braun forehead thermometer :)