• we have been using chicco nextfit sport convertible car seat for a couple of months so i would be happy to review on this product to help you.

    chicco nextfit sport convertible car seat review
    chicco nextfit sport convertible car seat review

    before choosing a car seat for my daughter when i was pregnant, i did some serious research.

    here is the description of the product: as your baby grows into a toddler, the nextfit sport convertible car seat helps you make the switch from rear-facing to forward-facing to accommodate years of growing. 9 recline positions and 9 headrest adjustments make it reassuringly simple to install and comfortable for your little one.

    first of all, as a user who has been using chicco car seat for several months, i can say that it is a really good product. it is durable, safe and easy to install.

    pros of chicco nextfit sport convertible car seat

    - the best feature of chicco nextfit car seat is, the product is insanely easy to install.
    - the seat has 9 reclining positions as indicated in the description part, so reclining function makes it the seat so comfortable for your kid.
    - it has bubble indicators on it and they are very practical since they make sure the car seat is always in the proper angle.
    - the product is kinda stylish. i like the solid color.
    - the headrest is easily adjustable.
    - the material of the product is durable and the seat itself is very comfortable.

    cons of the product

    so far, i find this product to be such a favorable car seat.
    i can tell you one only negative thing about this product, the fabric is removable but it is hard to put it back. it needs good effort.