• hi all,

    not every infant crawls in the traditional manner.

    there are different styles of baby crawling.

    different crawling styles include:

    --classic hands-and-knees or cross crawl-- the infant bears weight on her hands and knees, then moves one arm and the opposite knee forward at the same time.

    --bear crawl-- it looks like the classic crawl, but the infant keeps her elbows and knees straight, walking on hands and feet like a bear.

    --belly or commando crawl-- the infant moves her body forward while dragging her belly against the floor.

    --bottom scooter-- the infant scoots around on her bottom using her arms to move herself forward.

    --crab crawl-- the infant moves backward or sideways like a crab, propelling herself with her hands.

    --rolling crawl-- the infant gets to her destination by rolling from one place to another.