• hi all,

    your baby has started teething and you are concerned about that your baby may bite or has already bitten you.
    your should know that all babies tend to do such kind of things :)
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    i have had the same problem but a few tips i get about preventing a baby from biting her mommy during nursing has helped me.

    i would like to share those tips with you.

    firstly you should know that an actively nursing baby will not bite, because her tongue covers her lower teeth. a baby who tries to bite at the end of a nursing session can be taught to stop. she will start doing this when she is full. try not to let this happen when your baby attempts biting so early in your nursing relationship. while doing this you should be extremely gentle as she may get anxious and this may lead to a nursing strike.

    keep your finger ready to break the suction and remove your breast as soon as she is full.

    if she has already bitten you, break the suction without any emotional response. too much anger may challenge her enough to make her want to repeat the action again or on the contrary she may start feeling insecure about getting breastmilk and may not want to be breastfed again. so behave naturally and make her understand that biting means no more breast.