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    i used lansinoh lanolin nipple cream and i would like to share my experience about this nipple cream.

    lansinoh lanolin nipple cream review
    lansinoh lanolin nipple cream review

    lansinoh lanolin nipple cream is a product that claims to soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples. this lansinoh lanolin cream 100% natural & preservative free lanolin nipple cream. but its natural ingredient "lanolin" is animal-derived product harvested from shorn wool.

    after i applied it on my nipple, it was so greasy that i could not get it out form my nipple even washed it with soap. in addition to this, how come "shorn wool" is safe for baby? they say that it can be left on the nipple and it is safe for baby to suck it.


    babies should be breastfed exclusively for 6 months, so why do i trust this ingredient even water is not recommended for infants under six months? although most of the reviews are positive about this cream, i suggest you to search about the ingredients of this product before buying. i am sure you will agree with me.

    all in all, personally i don't recommend this lansinoh lanolin nipple cream.