• hi mamas,

    i would like to share my review on memory foam toddler mattress. long hours of searching online, finally i got my mattress yay :) finding the best foam mattress for my toddler was not easy. mommies, i contacted a lot of different mattress companies trying to find the best foam mattress! what i purchased is milliard premium memory foam as a result of the quick responses and detailed information i was able to get from them!

    by the way, milliard premium memory foam is not for infants. the foam is soft and can increase the risk of sids. if you are thinking that this may help your baby sleep better please do not risk it. this bed is for children over 1 year of age.

    so the reason i chose this memory foam mattress for my toddler is to make my son be able to get a good full night sleep!! he had been a good sleeper before he turned 1. when he was 13 months old, he started waking up several times every night! then i started searching for a memory foam mattress for toddlers. i came across a mama comment on this issue. her little one was like mine, and she said that the memory foam mattress really helped her little one. she recommended "milliard premium memory foam hypoallergenic toddler bed".

    during those long, desperate, sleepless nights i was ready to try anything which helps you know. so i did as she said and ordered the millard one. the night the mattress came in, my son didn't wake up at all. at last again mommy and daddy are finally able to get a full nights rest :)
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