• hi all,

    i would like to share my experience on preparing a postpartum care kit. keeping a postpartum care kit ready for you before baby arrives is essential. by creating a postpartum care kit you will heal faster.

    1. underwear pads instead of pads
    i strongly recommend using depend underwear silhouette. i used it instead of a pad and it was much more comfortable after a c section.
    for the first 7-10 days you will have heavy bleeding, these are a must!

    2. organic daily pads for mild bleeding
    after 7-10 days, you will have mild bleeding and it can last a month. so keeping daily pads ready to use made my life easier those days.

    3. momwasher peri bottle for postpartum
    t's way better than that hospital squirt bottle.

    4. disposable nipple pads
    whether you breastfeed or don't, there will be leaking. so either way you need them.

    5. silver nursing cups
    thank god whoever came up with the idea of using silver to soothe sore, chafing and cracked nipples with silver!! i used silverette nursing cups and they did good job! they soothed my cracked nipples just in a week!
    i used them after my nipples got cracked but they claim that if you use them before giving birth, your nipples won't even be cracked.
    you just put the cups on your nipples between breastfeeding sessions that's all. i recommend dripping sıme breastmilk before putting them on your nipples.