• hi mommies,

    i gave birth a month ago, and my question is how to tell if your newborn is getting enough milk?
    my baby keeps crying even after i breastfeed. i do not want to start giving formula immediately, but i am worried about whether my baby is getting enough breast milk.

    so what are the signs of enough milk supply?
  • i understand your concern very well. because i went through the same ways. i've had the same concerns about the amount of breastmilk suppy. so you should know that you are not alone. most moms have smilar concerns like you.

    there are of course some ways to to understand whether breastmilk suppy is enough for the baby. you will get to know your baby's reactions, habits, needs in time. after some time, you will already know whether you baby is hungry, happy, fussy etc. and you won't even feel the need to ask.

    for now, based on my experience with my own baby girl, i can you tell you about 6 signs of enough mik supply during breastfeeding.

    1- Observe Weight gain of the baby: On an average, a baby gains 500 g of weight per month or approximately 20 g a day (15–30 g) after the 10th day of birth. SOURCE BOOK: Pediatrics for Practitioner

    2- when my i am breastfeeding my baby, i always get thirsty. i asked about that to my doctor and she told me that getting thirsty during breastfeeding is a true sign of baby's getting breastmilk.

    3 at the end of the breastfeeding session, babies usually releases on her own from your breast or falls asleep. babies tend to sleep if they are full.

    4- your baby seems happy and content after feeding.

    5- you may feel tired or sleepy after you breastfeed your baby.

    6- pay attention to your baby's breathing rhythm during feeding. for example my baby breaths fast and then sometimes she removes nipple from her mouth, take some rest and then continues. you can see or hear your baby swallowing during breastfeeding.

    7- after breastfeeding, your breasts feel soft, not hard.

    i hope these signs help you :)