• hello gorgeous momtobees :)

    today i am writing about what i did first after finding out i am pregnant. i just want to help and guide you about the beginning of this sweet journey. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

    1- after i got my bfp i scheduled my first prenatal visit
    as you may already know, it can take a couple weeks to get an appointment, so i wanted to put my name on the list asap.

    2- i started taking a prenatal vitamin ( which include folic acid and vitamin d)

    during my first check at the doctor, i asked to my doctor if i needed any specific vitamins and he suggested me taking some prenatal vitamins. i started taking solgar - prenatal nutrients. be careful about choosing a prenatal vitamin, it must include folic acid and vitamin d.

    it is a good idea to gert your doctor's recommendation about the brand of any vitamin you choose.

    3- i started doing exercise. mild exercise is recommended during pregnancy.