• hi,

    here is the question, when did your babies start using pacifier? when should my baby use a pacifier?

    thank you in advance :)
  • hi janettemom,

    i offered a pacifier to my baby when she was one month old. my doctor advised me not to give the pacifier at least my baby was one month old. the reason for that is, a baby tend to reject her mother's nipple if she gets used to suck pacifiers before learning sucking her mother's nipple.

    other than that, i think pacifiers aren’t as harmful as some people think.

    they do not deform a baby’s teeth or prevent speech development, unless they are used all the time. recent research suggests sucking a pacifier may actually be better for a baby’s teeth than sucking a thumb.

    so, try to give your baby a pacifier only when she sleeps. avoid giving her one when she doesn’t need it. her mouth should not be a permanent parking space for a pacifier.